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Childish loser Elon Musk thinks his amazing unicorn sketch is above copyright rules

Another day, another headline of Elon Musk being a disappointment.
This time, he is wrapped up in a dispute with Tom Edwards, a Colorado-based artist, over a drawing of a unicorn allegedly farting magic electricity. Elongated Mucus apparently found this image funny enough to steal.

Tesla is now using a copied image (hand drawn by Musk on the Tesla sketch pad) of the unicorn as an icon in their systems as well as on the company's Christmas cards.

Elon Musk thinks Edwards should be grateful for the exposure. Think of all the mugs he sold thanks to Tesla, that wonderful benevolent company.

Apparently the image is still on Tesla's touchscreen as of this morning.
Edwards's daughter tried to reach out to Tesla. Always the grown up, Musk said: “How much money does your Dad want for this terrible transgression?”  

Ontd, have you ever stolen or copied an artwork without crediting the artist?

I wish this wasn't my first post